What does MSSD do?

There are many misconceptions about service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals. There are questions about who qualifies, the costs involved, the law, and how to get a trained animal. Many people begin their research process without really knowing what they are looking for.

Midnight Sun Service Dogs (MSSD) has two service dog programs. A service dog placement program and an owner self trainer program. We no not offer advice or training services for Emotional Support Animals (ESA). We offer our programs to our veterans and first responders at no or low-cost. Civilians are asked to pay what equates to a very small percentage of acquiring dogs from other organizations.

Service Dog


A service dog placement requires qualification, acceptance, and commitment to MSSD’s weekly training program for a minimum of one year.

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Service Dog

Owner Self Trainer

The Owner Self Trainer program, requires qualification, acceptance and commitment to the weekly training program for a minimum of one year, as well as a health check and behavior evaluation conducted by an MSSD trainer.

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