“Paying it forward, one paw at a time!”……………..

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Welcome to Midnight Sun Service Dogs!! Welcome to our latest incarnation of our website. As aways, it’s a work in progress, but with many new features and several new authors it may serve our community better!

Due to the rapid growth of Midnight Sun Service Dogs and the overwhelming support of you, we feel we can better serve our community by creating a “drop down” tab for each office. Both Anchorage and Fairbanks will now be posting events for each area, training classes, volunteer updates and photos under their own tabs! It is our hope to make it easier to navigate through our website! As always we are open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Thank you all for your support and we look forward to many more years of supporting our great state and “Paying it forward, one paw at a time!”

We are proud and happy to announce we are now a “Candidate Member”  WITH ASSISTANCE DOGS INTERNATIONAL!

MSSD is a  non-profit organization with no paid employees that relies only on donations from individuals, corporations and foundation grants to do our work. Monetary donations are always appreciated! But there are several opportunities to help, check out the Donate Tab for more information! 
Company Overview:
We are a new corporation that will train and place service dogs, therapy dogs, and companion dogs with people with special needs including ptsd and mobility impairments. We will also give guidance to self trainers and educate the public about service dogs and therapy dogs.  We have applied for our 501(c)3 and will post when it gets here.
Midnight Sun Service Dogs will strive to provide service dogs, therapy dogs, and companion dogs to people with special needs including mobility impairments and post traumatic stress disorder. We will provide guidance for self trainers of service dogs, therapy dogs and companion dogs.

We provide service dogs for:

  • Mobility – Pick up items, pull wheelchair, open & close doors, assist in balance.
  • Hearing – Alerts handler to specific sounds and take handler to them.
  • PTSD – Assist in keeping a person grounded and trained to alert when mental state changes.
  • Seizure Response – Train a dog to respond to a seizure while it occurs by holding the handler down, getting help or barking to attract attention and help.
  • Medical Alert – Train dogs for invisible conditions and to alert the handler.
  • Diabetic Alert – Train dogs to detect high or low blood sugar levels and alert handler.
  • Emotional Support Animal (ESA) – Train basic obedience of pet dogs for therapeutic use in housing.
  • Therapy Dogs – We help people training therapy dogs to go through training. Many of our service dog in training teams are using their dogs in a therapeutic capacity with in training.
  •  OWNER-TRAINER Assistance – Several people who experience disabilities train their own service dogs and later need assistance. Our program to offers support for individuals in this category. Classes, testing, guidance and trainer mentoring.
  • MSSD does not train guide dogs for the blind!!!
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