Program Standards

MSSD believes that the following tenets are necessary to ensure that MSSD will continue to produce a quality product and to protect applicants, students and graduates from feeling exploited or demeaned.

  1. Any individual staff member or program volunteer working with dogs and/or clients that requires specialized people/canine skills must have:
    • An affinity for people and excellent communication skills.
    • Canine knowledge and training experience that ensures established training and client standards can be met by MSSD.
  2. Policies and procedures are followed to ensure that MSSD will be able to maintain established standards of service to people with disabilities through our application/student/graduate selection, training and team matching methods.
  3. All Board members of MSSD must receive orientation and be provided with appropriate educational materials about our respective programs. The materials should include but not be limited to the following:
    • History of Service Dogs and the history of our respective programs.
    • MSSD’s established Standards and Ethics.
    • Board of Director responsibilities such as financial management, resource identification, solicitation and fund-raising.
    • Ongoing Programs and Services and long-range planning.
  4. MSSD recognizes the community has a right to receive information concerning MSSD’s program Standards and Ethics.
  5. MSSD recognizes the community has a right to receive education on the benefits received by a person with a disability through the use of a Service Dog.

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