Becky and Maggie

Becky and Maggie

Becky and Maggie, a chihuahua/Maltese mix, have just entered our owner self trainer program. Becky suffers from severe Fibromyalia, anxiety, slight agoraphobia and depression. Before Maggie, Becky states she was “just existing”. Now with Maggie, Becky is starting to enjoy life again!!! Although still suffering severe pain, she feels she has a reason to get up and get moving. Maggie has been showing Becky that there is more to life!!!! Becky is doing an amazing job training Maggie. Maggie was adopted from a family in Anchorage at 9 months old. She had no training!!! Becky has taken Maggie through the MSSD obedience training and is started with the service dog training. Maggie knows sit, down, get it, leave it, bring it and all the other obedience commands. She is learning to “go to” a certain person to get help for Becky…..This team has put in a lot of hard work, have over came some major obstacles and is now enjoying their time training!!!!! Way to go team!!!!!!

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