Jake and Pagan

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Jake and Pagan, his 2-year-old lab mix, have been with the MSSD program since April of 2012. Jake suffers from anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, PTSD and Renaud’s syndrome which, before Pagan, had all made his everyday life a struggle.  Pagan has greatly improved Jake’s capability to positively interact with society instead of viewing everyone and everything as a threat.

Among other things, Pagan continually scans their surroundings and alerts Jake when people are coming towards him, Pagan also grounds Jake when his anxiety becomes overwhelming. Alerting Jake both when it’s time for Jake to go to bed and when he is having nightmares are also tasks Pagan can accomplish.

Pagan has passed her Public Access Test and her Canine Good Citizen Test  and is continually working on her task training.

This duo also plans to speaks to others in the future to help them learn about the importance of service dogs in the lives of the disabled in hopes of spreading awareness!