Kyle and Moe

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Moe is a 8 year old black and white terrier mix who was rescued in Georgia when he was about a year old.

Kyle has been in the Air Force for 14 years and Moe has been with her through multiple moves and deployments over the last 7 years.

Moe is quite a character and sports a natural mohawk.  He is very mellow and knows when Kyle as well as others have anxiety and will come right over to calm them down.

Kyle suffers from PTSD and a traumatic brain injury (TBI) from the war.

We joined MSSD  in May 2012 and the program has given Kyle back her life.  For the last 3 years Kyle had completely isolated, would only go to work and home.  With Moe by her side Kyle has started healing, getting out in the public and learning to be social again.  While out Moe alerts Kyle when she is getting overwhelmed by either touching her leg or putting his face in her lap.  He continually scans when we are in public and alerts Kyle to any surprises which helps ease her hyper-vigilance.  Moe also posts in front or in back of Kyle to keep people at a distance so she doesn’t get overwhelmed in crowds.  At night if Kyle is having a nightmare or night terror Moe will lick her face to wake her or he will lay on top of her until she calms down.   Moe has aided with Kyle returning to school.  She is currently attending University of Alaska Anchorage and Moe attends classes with her and helps her when she gets triggered with the commotion in the classroom.

Moe has passed his Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen and Public Access Test.

He has been a star in every aspect.  He has learned his commands quickly and is quite photogenic.  Everywhere we go he acts as an amazing ambassador for the service dog world.  Kyle and Moe have recently started doing therapy work with military special needs kids.  They are going to add hospitals and visits with deployed military members children to their therapy work.

Moe is currently learning tasks such as “get your leash” and “lap”.  He is the perfect example of how you can teach an old dog new tricks.