MSSD is an all volunteer organization. This means that there is always something to do! From interacting with puppies and dogs, to administrative tasks, there is a way that you can be a part of this amazing organization.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please download and fill out our volunteer packet. You can submit your packet by contacting info@midnightsunservicedogs.org to set up an interview. Volunteers are oriented and trained before interacting with dogs or the public on the behalf of MSSD.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

  • Puppy and Dog Fosters – MSSD uses many dogs from rescue groups and dog pounds. We get phone calls every day from rescues after they have identified a potential service dog. We need individuals that can foster the puppies and dogs that are coming into our program before they are placed with their handlers. We will educate fosters about service dogs, service dog laws, nutrition, grooming, socializing and general care of these amazing canines! Fosters may have the dogs for a few days to a few months.
  • Puppy Socialization Visits – Our purpose in letting these pups with basic skills do puppy socialization visits is to give them an opportunity to acclimate to household living. They have already spent evenings and weekends living with our puppy raisers, are toilet trained, and have been out in public on numerous occasions. We would like them to have the opportunity to be fully socialized with a variety of family settings. If you are interested in having a “visit” you  are required to attend training classes which include training sessions for socialization skills,  puppy raiser skills and service dog training skills.
  • Event Help – We do many outreach and fundraising activities and often need more people to man our tables and help with set-up and tear-down.
  • Administrative Support – Volunteers are needed to assist with many clerical and administrative projects: answering phones, making phone calls, updating our database and assisting with large mailing projects.
  • Marketing and Promotion – We are always looking for people with connections! Help us get the word out. We want to share our mission with everyone.
  • Fundraising – There are never too many people on our fundraising committee!
  • Public Relations – Want to help spread the word about the good work we do with Midnight Sun Service Dogs.  Contact us if you know of any group that would like us to speak about the Midnight Sun Service Dogs and the service dog world. The talks are free (donations are accepted) and can be of any length to any number of people. Our PR dogs love to speak  too (woof!). Also, if you have any media contacts who are interested in hearing about us, we would welcome the referral.
  • Parades, Booths and Fairs – We have a number of volunteer opportunities to help with our booths at fairs, trade shows, downtown market, etc. We also participate in several parades in each year. If you want to join us in one of these activities, please contact us.
  • Puppy Petting – Discover the magic of puppy love. Puppy petters of all ages know the joy and satisfaction of realizing that their volunteering is key in the development of superior Service Dogs. The “fit-your-schedule” hours make puppy petting very convenient. Puppy petters start by attending a  Puppy Petters Orientation to learn special techniques for interacting with our newborn puppies. Volunteers between the ages of 5 and 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at both the puppy petting orientation and during puppy petting sessions. No child may be left alone on premises. Due to the popularity of our puppy petting program, there may be a waiting period to attend an orientation. It is also subject to the availability of puppies. Long-term puppy petters who wish to participate in more advanced projects may be asked to attend additional training. Please call for more information and to register for our next orientation.
  • Sewing – We need someone to help sew capes, make tie blankets and sew patches for our dogs.  Since we require all of our dogs to wear a cape out in public we are always looking for talented hands to aid in both sewing and embroidery